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Infos - Travelling in South Africa

Some usefull hints for travelling in South Africa:


  • Even in South Africa the european ec-card works for most autotellers, easiest and cheapest way to get cash.
  • All standard creditcards are accepted, paying with credit cards gives you a good exchange rate and low transfercosts. But for some goods you do need cash.
  • Life is quite cheap in South Africa compared to european standards (food, petrol, booze etc.). You can even claim the 14% VAT (tax) back on all items bougt in SA as you leave the country (always ask for a tax invoice if you buy things!).
  • Especially items made in South Africa are well priced, this also includes wetsuits, surfboards (but not windsurfboards) and clothes.


  • I consider a car as absolutely necessary to explore the variety of South Africa. Public transportation is not always an appropriate option.
  • Like in England cars are driven on the lefthandside.
  • Many carrentals require an international drivers licence.


  • Eventhough it´s getting pretty hot during the day (up to 30°C), nights can be quite chilly.
  • Criminality is statisticly very high, this is mainly due to some areas tourists should avoid. To obbey some simple rules minimizes the danger of crime.
  • There is no danger of Malaria if you stay near the coastline of South Africa. Even some of the nationalparks are Malaria-free. (e.g. Tsi Tsi Kamma, Endo).
  • Especially LTU and Turkish Airline transport Windsurfgear for reasonable prices.
  • There are many alternatives to surfing in and around Cape Town. The beautiful nature, the variety of cultures and the South African lifestyle can even replace a good day of surfing.
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